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Prey by Dynamik was created with the supervision of Kai Greene, Bodybuilding community’s icon. This is a serious muscle building protein supplement intended for hardcore and serious bodybuilders.

Every scoop of the supplement gives you ultrafiltered, high quality and sustainable protein that is essential for any bodybuilder who wants to peak their performance and gains. With Dynamik‘s Prey, never hesitate because it is one of the best protein powders out there.

prey by dyamik in pakistan

Whether you are in the bulking or cutting phase, you require high-quality protein that can help you grow without problem. Sometimes getting protein from whole food sources can be really hard. This is where Prey comes in as an excellent solution to your dietary protein needs.

Research suggests that your body should be consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle in your body if you want better hypertrophy and strength. With this whey protein, you can supply your growing body with the high-quality protein it needs without worrying about consuming too much whole food.

prey by dyamik in pakistan

A single scoop of Prey is packed with essential nutrients as well as ultrafiltered high-quality protein. The protein blend is tried and tested to provide you with a steady supply of protein so that you can give birth to new muscle.

The blend is made with everything you need whether in the cutting or bulking phase.

Dynamik recommends consuming at least 2 servings of Prey whey protein every day. The ideal time to take the protein powder is one scoop before your workout and one scoop after your workout. But this can be increased or decreased according to your needs.

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