• Unstoppable Energy For A Nothing-Can-Stop-Me Feeling
  • Extreme Mental Clarity That Gets You In The Right Zone
  • Next-Level Performance: Killer Pumps and Increased Power
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  • Powerful & Intense Energy – 1.M.R combines caffeine, Yohimbe, theobromine and more into one, ultra-concentrated blend to provide you with the energy and focus you need to train harder and longer in the gym than ever before.
  • Extreme Focus & Clarity – With ingredients CDP-choline, GABA and GBB-EEC, you’ll be dialed in from the very first rep with tunnel-like vision and unrivaled focus.
  • Improve Performance – This powerful combination of performance-enhancing ingredients will help improve strength and power, helping you maximize your time in the gym and get that lean, hard physique you’ve always wanted.

Unmatched Energy, Unrivaled Performance

What is 1.M.R?

BPI Sports’ latest, fiercely potent pre-workout formula is the ultra concentrated 1.M.R. This all-in-one, heavy-duty pre-workout supplement energizes your body and mind like never before. Think increased vigor and stamina, improved focus, elevated performance and explosive strength for an epic workout, every time. No jitters! No crash! Just loads of energy and motivation to continuously go for One. More. Rep.

What differentiates 1.M.R?

1.M.R combines a unique blend of powerful stimulants, nootropics and performance-boosting ingredients to help every athlete lift heavier and train harder. By combining yohimbe, theobromine, L-carnitine, GABA, CDP-Choline and GBB-EEC, this pre-workout formula promotes increased performance and endurance. Get ready to push through your own limits and make real transformations happen.

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